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How To Create TeamSpeak 3 Server (Free and Cheap Hosting)

By Shahrin Nizar16 Aug, 2019

TeamSpeak is a voice-over-internet Protocol (VoIP) software for audio communications. User can make group or conference call by using headphone with a microphone. TeamSpeak is also popular among gaming communities as alternative to Skype and Discord. Self-hosting TeamSpeak 3 server is available to those who want more private and personalize channel instead of joining public lobby.

Getting Start

First, you need to download TeamSpeak 3 server files from official website. Choose type of server, either 32 bit for 64 bit. Download and Extract it on your computer. You must also download TeamSpeak 3 client to proceed with administrator configuration.

Port Forwarding TeamSpeak 3 Server

Log-in to your router in web browser and navigate to port forward option. There are 3 port need to be assign to your local PC IP address. The first port is number 9987 and UDP as protocol. The second port is number 10011 and TCP as protocol. The third or the last port is number 30033 and TCP as protocol.

Example of Port Forwarding on D-LINK DIR-842 router.

Port Forward TeamSpeak Server DLINK DIR-842

Firewall and Admin Configuration for TeamSpeak 3 Server

You must allow TeamSpeak 3 Server executable on firewall by creating new rules of it. If you have dedicated anti-virus program with firewall protection, please ensure that TeamSpeak 3 executable are whitelist to allow communication.

When running server for the first time, it will give you credential info which are generated automatically for server. Save this info in safe and secure location. Open your TeamSpeak 3 client, click connections and enter to connect to your server. The reason we are using as IP is because server and client is running on the same device or PC. Once connected, it will ask you to provide “Privilege Key”. This information can be obtained in file that you have save earlier. If success, you should notice “S” icon located on right of your name.

TeamSpeak 3 Admin Access

If you need client which is from external network to connect to your server, you need to provide them public IP address assign by your Internet Service Provider. Find this info by performing simple google search with the term: “what is my ip”. Google search result will give you this info (Your Public IP Address). Share this info with your friend or family to allow them to connect to server, hosted by your computer trough internet. You can ease this process if you have setup DDNS on your router, by simply sharing DDNS domain name.

How To Create TeamSpeak 3 Server - Checklist

  1. Download TeamSpeak 3 server files from website.
  2. Extract it on your computer.
  3. Log-in to router and navigate to port forwarding options.
  4. Assign port number to local IP address with correct port type, 9987 (UDP), 10011 (TCP) and 30033 (TCP)
  5. Apply forwarding rules on router.
  6. Configure Firewall, on inbound rules by creating new rules for server executable (ts3server.exe). Allow the connection.
  7. Run server executable (ts3server.exe).
  8. On first run, it will prompt credential info.
  9. Save all credential info in secure location.
  10. Open TeamSpeak 3 client, click connections and type: (if client and server running on the same computer).
  11. TeamSpeak 3 server will be asking Privilege key to confirm you as admin. Enter key from file you save earlier.
  12. Your name will have "S" icon, which indicate you as server admin.
  13. Find public IP address from Google search, "What Is My IP" or set up Dynamic DNS.
  14. Share public IP address to friend or family to be use on client, on separated network.
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