How to Create Adobe Photoshop Actions

By Shahrin Nizar14 Aug, 2019

When editing a picture in Photoshop, some of the task may be repetitive. For an example, adding a text or watermark on picture. You can train Photoshop to remember this set of task and automate the process by simply hitting a shortcut key. Adobe Photoshop Actions, should allow you ease the hard process on time consuming task.

What is Actions?

Adobe Photoshop Actions act as recorder, that keep track of changes and modifications made to an image. This tracking could be anything from adding brightness, cropping or even save the image. Triggering an action can be done as easily by clicking play button or by pressing shortcut key that you have define.

Access to Actions

You can access Actions feature by clicking on Window and then Actions. This should be the same on CS4/CS5/CS6/ and CC.
Access Adobe Photoshop Actions

Buttons in Actions

There is a total of six button on Actions;-
  1. Stop playing/recording
  2. Begin recording
  3. Play selection
  4. Create new set
  5. Create new action
  6. Delete
Adobe Photoshop Actions Buttons

Creating New Actions on Adobe Photoshop

Creating new set of action can be done by clicking on new action button. New Action box will appear, and you can set the action name and map function key or better known as keyboard shortcut. Press record button and you may then begin any action or task that you wish to automate. When you decide the set of task were complete, then click on stop recording button. Try it out by clicking play selection button on new document. From list of action, make sure to select correct action. If you have assign keyboard shortcut earlier, you can press them. Now you should notice the task that you have finish record will only take a few seconds to complete.

Create New Adobe Photoshop Actions

How To Use Actions on Adobe Photoshop - Checklist

  1. Open Actions menu by navigate to Windows, and click Actions.
  2. Create new action, rename it and select keyboard shortcut. Use key combination if needed.
  3. Click record, and perform any action that you want to automate.
  4. Stop recording.
  5. Test it out on working project or new document.
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