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How to Copy or Move Fortnite Installation

By Shahrin Nizar21 Apr, 2020

This guide aims to help you to copy or move Fortnite installation into another location. Imagine if you are buying newer hard drive or SSD or copying it to family member computer. Using this method will definitely save your time if you have slower download speed.

Preparation to Copy or Move Fortnite Installation

  1. Know where Fortnite is install. By default, it is located on C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite.
  2. External backup media, such as external hard disk. This will be useful if you had no luck at first try.

How to Copy or Move Fortnite Installation

  1. Copy whole Fortnite folder (on install location) to backup media.
  2. On Epic Games launcher, go to Fortnite thumbnail, click on gear icon and click Uninstall.Uninstall Fortnite
  3. After successfully uninstall, button status will change back to Install. Click Install and then select installation location that you want, for example E:\GAMES\Fortnite.
    Choose Fortnite Install Location
  4. Wait for initialized to complete. When the text installing appear, click on the “X” symbol on the Fortnite thumbnail to cancel installation.
  5. Cancel Fortnite InstallationClick the close button (X symbol) of Epic Games Launcher at the top right corner. Do not quit Epic Games Launcher from tray icon or task manager.
  6. Navigate to install location, for example E:\GAMES\ and delete Fortnite folder.
  7. Copy whole Fortnite folder from backup media to install location.
  8. Hit resume button on Fortnite thumbnail. Wait for verification to complete. This process may take a bit time to complete but it does not download or use internet bandwidth. If any files is corrupted, it will download replacement file to finish installation.
  9. Resume Fortnite InstallationWhen finish, Epic Games Launcher will notify that Fortnite is ready to play.
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