How to set up Free Dynamic DNS with NO-IP

By Shahrin Nizar10 Aug, 2019

Most of ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the world will assign dynamic IP address instead of static for its customer. Dynamic IP will change automatically from time to time or a router reset. Running IP camera in house or self-hosting TeamSpeak 3 server might need dedicated address for remote client to use. Let's say if your router reset while you are away due to common circumstances such as power trip, you can't connect to your hosted application thanks to changed IP address. To resolve this issue, you may want to set up DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server) which will automatically update changed IP address to configured domain name. We will be using free Dynamic DNS from NO-IP, which can be set up on your router or using Dynamic DNS Update Client (DUC) for Windows.

NO-IP Free Dynamic DNS - Create an Account

Before you are able to use free dynamic DNS from NOIP, you must create an account.

NOIP Sign Up

NO-IP Free Dynamic DNS - Create Domain/Hostname

After successfully creating account, you may proceed to create domain or hostname. Free hostname will expire for every 30 days. If you wish to keep the same hostname, you must confirm it via a link from your email for every 30 days. Enhanced user (Paid version), won't need to renew host as long as paid subscription remain active. Simply from your dashboard, navigate to Dynamic DNS and click on Create Hostname. Free account can create up to 3 free hostnames.

NO-IP Create Hostname

  1. Enter any available name for Hostname.
  2. From dropdown list, select your preferred Domain name.
  3. Select DNS Host (A) as Record Type.
  4. Enter your public IP address under IPv4 Address.
  5. Finalize creation by clicking Create Hostname button.

NO-IP Free Dynamic DNS - Automatic Update (Router Configuration)

Dynamic DNS is now a common feature to router. This mean that you can automatically update IP address to NO-IP account when your router reset. Here is example of configuration on ASUS RT-N66U router.

NO-IP ASUS RT-N66U Router Configuration

NO-IP Free Dynamic DNS - Semi Automatic Update (Updater Software)

If you are using older router model which doesn't have DDNS support, you can download and install Dynamic DNS Update Client from NO-IP. This software will be automatically update IP address to your NO-IP account whenever runs after properly configured. You can also configure this software to auto run when you successfully sign in to your Windows PC. Mac and Linux user can also download Dynamic DNS Update Client for its own operating system. (Windows) (Mac) (Linux)

Download Dynamic DNS Update Client and install it on your computer NO-IP Dynamic DNS Update Client

Sign in to your NO-IP account
NO-IP Dynamic DNS Update Client Login

Refresh IP address to your NO-IP account domain
NO-IP Dynamic DNS Update Client Refresh IP Address

Configure startup to automatically run when log on to Windows
NO-IP Dynamic DNS Update Client Startup (Windows)

NO-IP Free Dynamic DNS - Confirm Hostname (30 Days Period)

From what we mention earlier, you need to manually refresh hostname for every 30 days as a proof that you are actively use them. You will get an email asking you to confirm hostname that will be expired soon. Simply click on the button on your email, and proceed as follow; -

Click Confirm Hostname button from your email
NO-IP Confirm Hostname from Email

Ignore upgrade button, but click on No thanks, just renew my free hostname button instead NO-IP Confirm Hostname Free Version

Solve captcha, and click Confirm your hostname now button to finalize NO-IP Confirm Hostname Recaptcha

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