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Google Drive Feature that You Should Know

By Shahrin Nizar02 Aug, 2019

Google Drive is a cloud storage that has many feature other than backup solution. This article will list 5 Google Drive feature that you should know.

Google Drive Feature - Send Big File as an Email Attachment

Some task or work demand us to transmit big data over email reply. Google Mail for example, limited to 25MB of file size for email attachment. To bypass this limitation, upload your big data to Google Drive and retrieve a shareable link which can be pasted on your email. Maximum file size limit that can be upload into Google Drive is 15GB per file. Although free Google Drive account will only give you 15GB of storage, you can upgrade to paid storage up to 30TB (30000MB) if you need more.

Example to retrieve shareable URL from Google Drive by performing right click on any file.
Google Drive get shareable link

Google Drive Feature - Live File Collaboration

It is a common practice to do collaboration among your work colleague or friends in school. In traditional or old fashioned way, we will meet up, start discussion and write related task on paper. With Google Drive, you can invite any of your colleague or friends by entering their email associate with Google Account to start editing Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets or Google Slides. When you and your colleague or friends open up the same file, every change or edit will be updated real time for both side! Chat within the same page is also possible by accessing chat icon on top right corner of your screen.

Example to working on Google Sheets collaboratively by adding user email which already sign for Google accounts. Google Drive live collaboration share

Google Drive Feature - Restore Previous Revision

Performing backup might be a good idea, but it is more smarter to automate this kind of task. Going back to previous version or revision can be done while using Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets or Google Slides. Simply open up file that you wish to restore, click on “file” from top bar menu and click “see revision history”. You may select any revision history listed on the right page, and click “Restore this revision” to revert into old version.

Click on File (located at top left corner), and click on See Revision History
Google Drive Feature See Revision History

Select any revision history that you want, and click on RESTORE THIS REVISION
Google Drive Feature Restore Revision History

Google Drive Feature - Voice Typing

Simply talking directly to your microphone, and you can convert any speech into text effortlessly. People who tend to typing slower on keyboard can save a lot of productive time to produce long text content or material. Are you afraid that text will mess up thanks to your bad pronunciation? Worry not since voice typing feature on Google Drive has remarkable voice recognition. You can also switch into another language that you speak off like Chinese, Japanese, Malay and much more!

Click on Tools, and click on Voice Typing
Google Drive Feature Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Drive Feature - Convert PDF or image into text

We may at certain time, need to convert text from image or PDF file which is directly scanned from scanner machine. Using Google Drive built-in OCR technology, you can quickly convert non text document into editable Google Docs document. Simply right click on any image or PDF file, and select Open with > Google Docs. Wait until process complete, and once done you can edit any text on Google Docs right away.

Right click on pdf or image file, hover your mouse on Open with, and then click on Google Docs Google Drive Feature Open File With Google Docs

Example of image above (black text with grey background) and converted text below
Google Drive Feature Google Docs OCR Convert

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