Kaspersky Software Updater

Keep Software Up-to-date With Kaspersky Software Updater

Software are patch from time to time to fixed bug, adding new feature and making it secure from vulnerabilities. Software installed from Windows Store are automatically download and install (if you allow them). While software that are manually download and installed need to be update, for sure manually.

Free Kaspersky software called Software Updater, will help you schedule automatic scanning task which will later tell you what need to be updated. Not only scanning, the program itself support downloading and install all available update if you allow them. If you have obsolete software version that must not being updated, you can exclude it.

How to Install and use Kaspersky Software Updater

  1. Visit webpage: https://www.kaspersky.com/free-software-updater
  2. Make sure your Windows PC meet system requiremets.
  3. Download installer and run installer on your PC.
  4. Wait for download to finish, and software will automatically install later.
  5. Run software and begin scanning.
  6. Exclude any application if you wish and click update.

Installing Kaspersky Software Updater

After scanning, you can exclude program that you want before updating them.
Excluding Software in Kasperksky Software Updater

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